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Why Does Jet Listings Exist?

Jet Listings was created because most of the current business jet search websites are hard to use, not easy to navigate, and based on out of date web technology.  Jet Listings exists to make it easy for both brokers and aircraft buyers to connect.

How is Jet Listings Different?

  1. First the primary goal of Jet Listings website is simplicity.  We have designed this website to be simple to use for the aircraft buyer and for the aircraft broker selling their aircraft.
  2. The second difference is that Jet Listings is all inclusive and removes barriers to listing aircraft.   We believe that getting a comprehensive list of all aircraft for sale is imperative to creating the most comprehensive public marketplace for aircraft buyers.  That is why (at least initially) we are operating under a freemium model and allowing licensed aircraft brokers to list their aircraft for sale.
  3. The third way we are different is that we are built to link buyers or sellers of aircraft with a licensed broker.  Buying and selling an aircraft is not like buying or selling a house or car.  It is a complicated transaction that even the most experienced and knowledgeable aircraft owner should not ‘go it alone’.

What is the Mission of Jet Listings?

The Mission of Jet Listings consists of 2 interrelated goals:

  1. The first goal is to build a broker focused marketplace that enables brokers to reach prospective buyers and educates buyers and sellers, that hiring an experienced broker is in their best interest.
  2. The second goal is to educate and inform our customers about the private aviation by providing aircraft & sales information in a clear and aesthetically pleasing way.  We feel that this information will help prospective buyers make better decisions about future aircraft purchases and also educate and inspire aviation enthusiasts to keep the passion for private and corporate aviation thriving.

Who are Jet Listings Customers? customers are not only aircraft buyers and sellers but also industry professionals and aviation enthusiasts that want to keep on top of the current market conditions or view really cool aircraft.