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Eclipse Overview

The Eclipse 500 was the original Very Light Jet or VLJ that received a lot of fanfare and when it was first introduced.  Everyone thought that the technology was going to make these personal jets really affordable.  What most of these startups did not realize was the magnitude of regulations and costs for getting a new aircraft certified and more importantly the small margin that they would make on each aircraft.  Eclipse was one of the companies that produced aircraft like Adam Aircraft but both did not make it.   After several company changes and models (Eclipse 500 and Eclipse 550) Eclipse Aerospace merged with Kestrel Aircraft, the developer of the K350 turboprop to form Aviation One.

Aviation One is working on a new and improved Eclipse aircraft that is called Project Canada and will add 2 feet to the existing wing length and have an increased range.

Eclipse Points of Interest

The idea of an inexpensive personal jet is exciting for many people especially owner pilots.  The reality when it comes to the eclipse is that the interior is very small.  If you are a big person you are going have a hard time fitting in one.  The specifications below are for the Eclipse 550.


Max Range


GV Passenger Seats


GV Certified Ceiling

41,000 FT

GV Max Cruise Speed

375 KTS

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